Мартынов Аркадий Владимирович
20 сентября 2019

What is the adequate response to global migration challenge?

Summary. The number of migrants in the developed countries has clearly excessive in terms of demand in the labor markets. Now it is time for maximally active participation in economic reforming and technological modernization in migrant-generating countries from the side of industrialized countries.

Keywords: migration anomaly, neoliberal globalization, job creation, China example Introduction (prelude).
The global migration challenge continues to be a central issue. The fate of many countries actually depends on its resolution. Thus, continuing political battles around Brexit deal evident eloquently in favor of this assessment.
I would like to focus on the initial root cause of the current migration anomaly. It lies in the frantic neoliberal globalization and the accompanying economic and political course of the United States and several other Western countries in the recent nineties.
As a result, an opening, called liberalization, of national capital markets for the unlimited expansion of Western capital, primarily from the US, took place. In fact, it manifested in inflating the financial bubble by unwinding the stock exchange speculation with securities with parallel abrupt changes in the prices of oil and other resources, coupled with a stunning increase in illiquid lending and shadow illegal banking.
Quite understandably, the astronomical speculative financial turnover in the financial markets had been associated with a huge capital flight from developing countries or, simply speaking, with increasing their robbery and impoverishment. In turn, the inflow of additional capital, albeit largely speculative, to developed countries had synchronized with rapid migration from poor countries.
It is impossible to ignore a well-known collision. The main interested force in the accelerated globalization of the capital market and, above all, the stock market was the well-known group of American and European banks. The direct conductors of their world expansion during the nineties were US Federal Reserve and International Monetary Fund. In essence, the insane Testament idea of world domination in the form of financial bondage was realizing.
The migration tide, initiated by neoliberal globalization in the nineties, turned out an irreversible. In very many countries, we can see an excessive influx of migrants relative to the needs of the national economy under the strong slowdown in economic internalization. The disproportion between the ever-expanding wave of world migration, on the one hand, and the slow growth of global and multi-regional markets, on the other, is becoming increasingly threatening.
International Journal of Research in Business, Economics and Management
Vol.3 Issue 4 July-August 2019
At the same time, it is worth to focus on the new powerful drive of further world migration in zero and tenths. In reality, not spontaneously arising crisis shocks in a certain number of developing countries decisively caused by the activities of the special services, which had begun to play a dominant role in the international arena after the exhaustion of the neoliberal political course.


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